Frequently Asked Questions:
Are Tabcrest products RoHS and WEEE compliant?
Based on statements from our suppliers, we believe that our products are RoHS and WEEE compliant.
What is your minimum quantity?
For many products, especially engraving and pre-spaced vinyl graphics, the minimum quantity is one, but the unit price generally falls as the quantity increases.
Which artwork formats can Tabcrest accept?
Illustrator eps files are preferred. Drawings can often be exported to this format from other DTP software, eg Coreldraw. Only spot colours should be used and text should be saved as curves. E-mail is an excellent way to send us artworks. Although we use Apple Mac computers with Adobe Illustrator and Quark Xpress, we can accept PC format discs. Bitmap images, eg *.bmp, *.tif, etc, should not be used for anything other than logos and symbols.
Are CAD drawings acceptable for artwork?
CAD software often claims to output eps files but they are rarely satisfactory as artwork, though good results can sometimes be achieved by dragging and dropping an image from CAD to DTP software. We welcome other information in electronic form.
Which is the best adhesive?
For application to smooth metal or stove enamelled surfaces, 3M’s 467 is hard to beat. If the surface is lightly textured, then their 468 product is better, while for powder coat paints and for plastics, especially low surface energy types, 3M’s new 300LE range is excellent. There are many other adhesives to choose from for the right balance of cost and performance.
How should self-adhesive labels be applied?
For maximum bond strength, the application surface should be clean and dry. A typical cleaning solvent is heptane or isopropyl alcohol (Consult the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet for proper handling and storage of solvents). Silicon based polishes and cleaners should never be used. For best bonding conditions, the application surface should be at room temperature. Cold surfaces, below about 10ºC, cause the adhesive to become so firm that it will not develop maximum contact with the substrate. Higher initial bonds are achieved through increased rub down pressure. The use of a roller or squeegee is recommended. Adhesives do not normally achieve their full strength until at least 24 hours after application.

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